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Work hours at my day job just got increased to 6 full days a week, for the next few weeks - so I'm not going to have much time to work on comics during this period.
Thank you all in advance for your patience!


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Allen Tyler
Artist | Digital Art
United States
I create comics in my free time, whenever I'm not working at my day job or working on commissioned pieces.

If you're interested in commissioning art from me, just drop me an email! (I don't bite, I promise!)
I've been previously commissioned for character concepts, game skins, as well as art for business cards, channel logos, and speed paintings for local fundraising events and charities!

Rhonen77 makes all the cool geometric designs in my comics! Check him out!


If I made beginner drawing tutorials (teaching you how to draw digitally from the very beginning basics on), would you find tutorials like that useful? (This is for future reference - I'm still only working on comics right now) 

214 deviants said Yes - I'm at beginner level, and want to improve!
153 deviants said Yes - I'm an artist, but I don't know how to draw digitally. I want to learn how!
127 deviants said Yes - I'm above beginner level, but I feel I need to go back and brush up on the basics!
94 deviants said Yes - I want to learn how to use a better drawing program than Paint, but I get confused and overwhelmed by the more complicated UI!
93 deviants said Yes - I've never really drawn before, but want to learn how!
79 deviants said Yes - I'm above beginner level, but would like to have beginner tutorials to share with friends!
32 deviants said No, I'm above beginner level.
18 deviants said No, I only want to see comics from you.
17 deviants said No, I don't use online tutorials.
14 deviants said No, I don't draw or want to draw.
Heya all!
So after doing the whole contest thing, it's come to my attention that some of you are still using MS paint in order to make drawings.
Now, MS paint isn't *bad*, per-say... but it is very limited and bare-bones in its drawing capabilities. 

SO, real quick while I'm eating dinner, I figured I'd share some free resources with you all.
Compared to MS paint, these art programs are much more powerful, and come with many more tools - I'd definitely encourage you to experiment with them, as they don't cost a thing.
Here are just a handful of free art programs that I know about, in no particular order:
Photoshop's ugly cousin, twice removed.

Solid all-around (coloring, inking, sketching, ect). Very friendly interface. Lots of tutorials. Highly recommended.

Great for inking - not great for brush-coloring. But for block-coloring & cell-shading, it's good. It also has an adorable animal mascot - what's not to love? (medibang paint added here - but it's near identical to Firealpaca)
This program *isn't your standard free-hand drawing program*. But it can produce really cool high-precision vector-art, if you learn how to use it.
3d art, modeling, & animation. Difficult to learn, but extremely powerful.
It's exactly the same as MS paint, but with a few extra tools... Like multiple undo's. And layers. 
Still terrible for drawing, but if you're petrified at the thought of leaving the comfort zone of MS paint & having to learn something new - this's a good... micro-step in the right direction
(PS: Don't actually type '' into your browser... just leads to a paint website, rofl! Just click the link above, to get to the download site.)

2d animation software that recently became freeware - it's a little old-school in its formatting & UI, but it works well.

I also know that, since some of you are rather new to digital art, some of you aren't sure what Layers are yet! So here's a tutorial video on how Layers work, using the Krita program:

Picking up a new art program and getting used to it always takes time. To help you get used to a new art program, it's always helpful to look up tutorials online! Just look up the name of the program and add 'beginners tutorial', and a bunch of stuff should come up to help you out.

Hopefully some of you find this helpful. Best of wishes to you all <3


Tablet, super-affordable:…

Tablet, if money is no object:…

Tablet, if you hate money and want to watch it burn in a fiery tornado from hell:…

Tablet, literally made out of gold:…

Pay-to-play art programs:

Clip Studio Paint Pro:…
This's what I've used for the last 6 years. Very happy with the company & product - able to own your copy outright, animation and 3d compatible. Get free updates & the like.

The good ol' professional standard. But you have to pay monthly/yearly payments, instead of getting to own your copy outright, though - which I very much dislike. Very expensive, I don't own it.

I'd recommend Paint Tool Sai, but I'm still angry at it for the time it crashed and corrupted all my drawing files.


Replying to peeps recommendations & comments! Sometimes y'all do recommend solid stuff - so don't hesitate to recommend something. I enjoy testing & comparing art programs - it's fun for me. :)


A program that's frequently been recommended in the comments is 'medibang paint' - and thank you for the recommendation!
But for those of you who aren't aware, Medibang is pretty much identical to FireAlpaca, aside from basic cosmetics. So to avoid redundancy, I've only listed the one.
Since I want everyone in need of programs to try & experiment with the freeware I've listed here, we can't have redundancy. :)


A lot of people have also been recommending internet-browser drawing websites.
Thank you for the recommendations! - but I will not be listing any browser drawing websites here. Only dedicated drawing programs.
Well, let's just say you don't play Skyrim on an internet browser, lol.
Or, to put it frankly - browser drawing websites just aren't as powerful as freeware programs.
And if your internet connection goes down, or is jumpy - or if the site goes down, or lags from traffic spikes - you can lose saved data, have mosaic glitching on your drawing, or not be able to draw at all.
So I really can't recommend them.
They're slow, glitchy, laggy, unreliable, and usually don't allow file sizes large enough to create smooth, quality work (where you don't see the pixels that make up the image).
It's just better to have a dedicated software program on your computer for drawing with.

So, to those of you using internet-browser drawing sites to produce all of your work - I'd also recommend you experiment with actual dedicated drawing programs.
The more powerful the program, the more you can do with it. Browser-drawing websites are only a minor step-up from MS paint - and in some respects, a step down. As MS paint, although lacking in tools, at least doesn't crash - lag - and isn't reliant on the quality of your internet connection to work, lol.
A real program may be more challenging to learn the ropes of - but I assure you, it's well worth the learning curve. You are capable - but if you don't want to, that's also fine.


With regards to the Autodesk Sketchbook recommendation;
After some research, testing & reading - while it does look like a nice, simple program - the free-download version is less powerful than other freeware programs I've listed here & used... And to add insult to injury, the paid-for version is less powerful than other pay-for programs out there. (Namely Clip Studio paint).
While Clip Studio Paint Pro is more expensive up-front than 
Autodesk Sketchbook - with Autodesk Sketchbook, it's a monthly/yearly subscription fee. Which can easily become more expensive than something like Clip Studio Paint, in the long run.
Clip Studio Paint pro, like Sketchbook, also offers animation tools - 3d model compatibility - and once you buy it, you own your copy outright. No payments. You can download free updates, models, & materials off of their site - can download brushes, textures - it has perspective rulers, dedicated forums, tutorials - all the stuff that Autodesk offers.
So if you're looking for something free - Krita or FireAlpaca are much better, more powerful choices in the free department.
If you're willing to shell out some cash for something more powerful than freeware - Clip Studio Paint is more powerful, and less expensive in the long-run than the full version of 
Autodesk Sketchbook. Sketchbook is $30/year, while CS Paint is $47/for life - and if you use their free trial, you'll get coupon offers emailed to you to knock the price down a good bit.
Been using CS paint for 6 years now - if I were using full Sketchbook during that time instead, that'd end up costing me 
...But, alas, CS Paint isn't a program you can use on your phone or portable tablet... so... I guess Sketchbook has that?
bunneh icon17 


Added OpenToonz to the Freeware list - 2d animation software!

Best of wishes - and I hope this helped! <3


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Yeah, sorry updates are taking so long, lol. Day job's been kicking the crap out of me - but I'm hoping to finish the next comic by Monday, if all goes well... Hoping. XD
Sorry if I worried ya! Thanks for taking the time to check up on me - that's very sweet of you. :)
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